Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Triathlon Training - 1

In an attempt to get fit enough to do an Ironman distance triathlon this summer I though I'd try some varied training runs rather than just pounding around the roads and normal hills. So my idea is to do cycle/run/cycle rides to various hills or peaks within a reasonable distance of Lancaster. The hardest bit of any of these will be setting of, particularly early in the year with dodgy weather and shorter days. Swim sessions in open water will have to wait a long time yet as there is plenty of cold water out there. Todays target was Ingleborough, this is a ride/run I have done before. I vaguely remember running the three peaks and cycling as well in the past. But for now this will be a good start.

Heading up the Lune Valley I wasn't the only person "training" as a steam train came past Wennington, quite a sight! Video clip here

Parking the bike just on the edge of Ingleton I swaped footware and took a jacket just in case as there was plenty of snow coming up. Starting to run after any bike ride is always hard, particularly staright uphill. I fealt very sluggish, but once settled down I got a steady pace going. I was going to keep on running as long as possible, and managed to get to 570 metres (about 12 mins from the top) until I had to walk. At this point the gradient rears up and there are some quite large steps. By this time I was well in teh snowline, and teh snow actually was a perfect rnning surface, dry and frozen but with a bit of give. The summit - which my GPS said was 726 metres - was in cloud and felt quite remote. Getting to this location from home in less than 2 hours felt a good acheivement.

From here it is in theory pretty much all down hill. But your legs feel like they are workign from memory really!

TImes were approx
Lancaster - Ingleton 65 mins (27.5km)
Ingleton - Ingleborough 52 mins (4.6km)
Ingleborough - Ingleton 28 mins
Ingleton - Lancaster 65 mins

profiles for run show the difference here between elevation/distance and elevation/time. AT least I was running an even pace if not a fast one!

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