Sunday, 14 February 2010

Bob Graham Round - Training

The Bob Graham Round is an epic 24 hour - 70 mile fell runners challenge in the Lake District. People have been attempting this circuit (named after the Keswick resident who first did the route) for many years. It is not easy, so far only 1,500 people have done it. I tried it in 1996 and got about 45 miles done before bailing out. 14 years later I'm going to give it another go as it's now or never!

Having built up a good level of general fitness over the last few years and doing an ironman distance triathlon last year (2009) I should have a reasonable chance of success. The
key is lots of long runs in the fells of course so during the first few months of 2010 I am aiming to do two 30km plus runs each week.

The "BGR" can be broken down into 5 legs, each which provide good training options.

Highlights so far are a fantastic day in the North Lakes in alpine like conditions, some long runs in the little known Bowland Fells near Lancaster, and completing the Haworth Hobble Ultra Marathon race, a 50km plus race in the Pennines. My first attempt at the round this year will be in late May.

Alpine Conditions above Buttermere

The Howarth Hobble

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