Monday, 29 March 2010

A Cold Wet Day above Wasdale

Todays Bob Graham training run was most of leg 4. Approacing from Seathwaite this meant we have nearly 30kms of rough ground to cover, and the weather forecast was pretty grim!

After an hour we had done the easy bit, over Styhead Pass to Wasdale. 

 Descent into Wasdale

Now came the brutal 600 metre ascent of Yewbarrow, relentlessly steep, almost vertical. We ascended into the clouds, and wind and rain and would stay above 500 metres until the descent back to the start, still 20kms away. The GPS showed us the way very efficiently, map and compass work would have taken up a lot of time as for much of the way we were taking direct routes and were not on obvious footpaths.

With over 1500 metres of climbing already done we had then to tackle Kirk Fell and Great Gable. Saturated ground, gale force winds, loose scree and tiring legs made these feel pretty tough.

It was with relief that we descended out of the cloud and followed the slippery path back down to Seathwaite. We had seen just one other person since leaving wasdale. A good character building day! More images here

Back out of the cloud at last and a view of Seathwaite

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