Saturday, 1 May 2010

Last few weeks before Bob Graham Attempt

It is a fine line between over training and getting enough stamina in your legs for a 100km (30,000ft ascent) challenge. On all runs except my last main run before my attempt on the Bob Graham Round at the end of May I seemed to get the balance right.

Ascending to High Raise - 7am

One long day with a group from Dallam running club ended up in heavy sleet and high winds, it is tough going in such conditions, with rough ground to cover and tricky navigation at times.

Descending to Wasdale before the weather deteriorates

There are many "skills" to learn in order to succeed at this challenge, nutrition and hydration are very important of course over such long periods of activity. If you get de-hydrated, run out of energy, too hot,  or too cold you are going to be in real trouble! Within a couple of weeks I have experienced weather from rather hot to absolutely bitterly cold and wet, so you have to be ready for any eventuality!

Ascending Kirk Fell in miserable conditions

The last main training run was intended to be a confidence booster and also to try some night running. Setting of at 9.30pm (on leg 2 of 5) at approximately the same time as on our attempt, we were going to run through the night and cover around 60kms. We would be testing our kit at night and seeing what the navigation would be like. Everything felt fine until around 2am when my body started telling me I should be in bed asleep. My legs started to tire and I generally felt pretty rough, this was not how it was meant to go! I hope I can put this tiredness down to a busy couple of days at work and tired legs from the the Fred Whitton cycle challenge a few days before. Certainly if I feel like this on the day there is no way I  will get around! So despite fuelling some negative thoughts it was perhaps a useful run to finish on as it made me realise it will be vital to rest up and sleep as much as possible on the few days prior to my attempt, perhaps even trying to change my "body clock" a little.

Running along the Helvellyn Ridge at midnight.

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