Monday, 17 January 2011

Bob Graham Round in Winter - Ramsay Round in Summer - Training

Building up to another attempt at a BG winter round I completed this training circuit - a great 30km run over Ingleborough and Whernside as well as the cycle to and from Lancaster.

The early mist burnt away even with the week January sunshine and with hardly any wind the conditions were perfect for a long run. Ingleborough remained shrounded in a very thin veil of mist, very picturesque, but I didn't bring my camera! The final run up and down the steps at Beezly falls (in spate)  was a spectaular but tough sting in the tail. At least I had enough energy to cycle back the 27kms to Lancaster in 60 mins!

Running route over Ingleborough and Whernside from Ingleton - 30km

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