Friday, 7 January 2011

Bob Graham Round in Winter

My running and climbing friend Jules Coleman sowed this seed in my head, and after completing the Bob Graham Round in May 2010 the winter round was occupying my thoughts during the later part of the year. Normally a time when I do little running (cycling, winter climing, caving, mountain biking fill up the time nicely!) I built up my stamina again throughout October and November with some good long 30km runs.

This came to a shuddering halt in December when I came of my road bike and badly bruised my hip, then when just recovering from that I twisted an ankle (in winter mountaineering boots?!).

However I had plenty of hilly cycling "in my legs" and so the uphill sections were not too much of a worry, the downhill though I knew might be a different matter, as this is what eventually wrecks your legs.

For a midwinter attempt we had to complete by the 11th Jan, and so by New Year we agreed to have a go at the next opportunity. With changing forecasts we bought forward our attempt by 24 hours to coincide with a clear spell of approx 18 hours weather. We didn't realise how much snow had fallen the previous two days though. Our video below tells the story of our efforts.

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