Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hilly Howgills

Although I have mountain biked in the Howgills and done some training many years ago for the KIMM, it is an area I not run in very often.

The well grazed slopes actually make it perfect for Bob Graham training, you can just plot a route up and down all the long ridges, so lots of steep ascent and descent!

On a perfect January day, frosty underfoot we (Ian, Martin, Rob and myself) tackled a 20 km route with around 5,500 feet of ascent and descent.

The last climb up from the Cautley Spout valley to Great Dummacks is a monster for sure, over 1,500 feet of relentless ascent. If this doesn't make your legs strong nothing will!

Ian ascending Nab Comb, Howgills
Martin on the very long (1,500ft of ascent)  ridge of Bram Rigg

Tom enjoying the great weather  - Bram Rigg Top

Map of our Howgills Running Route

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