Monday, 31 January 2011

Howgill Ultra Run

How hilly can you make a run? In the Howgills pretty hilly! The route may not be logical, but it is certainly good training. However this 6.30 hour outing was rather lonely, not a single person in sight all day. And above the 400 metre line it was poor visibility and sub-zero, I just followed the thin black line on my GPS up and down the slopes. Without consulting the map all day it was a pleasant surprise to realise on one really steep descent that I was further than I thought as the Cautley Valley appeared through the gloom.

The loneliness of the Howgill Runner

Hoar frost or "rime" had built up on the grass and fences, and towards dusk the temperature on the tops plummeted.

Rime frost on the Howgill Fences.

20km run in red - 30km run in blue
1,500 and 2,800 metres of ascent respectively

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